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Why, yes, that is a jar of gummy bear vitamins on my counter, thanks for noticing. :) That little jar sums up a lot about what is important to me.

I take those gummy vitamins as part of a regimen designed to give my bones and joints the best chance to get stronger. With severe osteoporosis and four spinal fractures at age 35 (here’s why), stronger bones are a priority for me. Given the choice between capsules the size of small submarines that give me fish breath, and yummy cranberry orange-flavored treats that make me smile, I’m going with a handful of gummy bears every time.

I’m a lot better about remembering to take my vitamins if they’re sitting out where I can see them. And while the gummy bear vitamin industry has my wholehearted approval, their packaging efforts leave a lot to be desired. Vitamins in an industrial-sized plastic bottle make me think about hospitals and bone scans. Translucent orange gummy bears in a mason jar make me think about giggling kids and making jam. Pretty easy choice.

Even taking your vitamins is an opportunity to choose joy and beauty. A lot of life’s challenges are non-negotiable, but the way we receive them is completely in our hands. I choose gummy bears and mason jars because I don’t get a choice about broken bones and sick days. All of us have adult-size problems to deal with, but we don’t have to abandon fun or settle for the status quo while we do it.