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What a sweet source of inspiration my children are! Every day they inspire me to do more, create more, trust more, and love more. They remind me to take chances, both as an artist and a human being. This art journal is my attempt to capture my daughter’s passion, humor, and creativity and what an encouragement those things are to me.

Since this is meant to be more journal than scrapbook, I started by writing a series of letters to Kenzie about the ways she delights and inspires me. Then I added in photos I took while she was in full-on create mode, with sketchbooks, markers, and pencils spread out all around her.


inspired3sm inspired10sm

The journal itself started life as a blank 6″x6″ chipboard window album from Maya Road. Each page has a cut-out that allows you to view the next, so it was a fun challenge to place all the pictures and papers so that images showed from one page to the other. I chose papers and embellishments in my daughter’s favorite bright palette, with a vintage feel that she also loves.


My daughter’s artwork is much like her: cute, quirky, and fun. I asked for donations of drawings and then cut them out and placed them so they are highlighted among the letters and photos. Her imagination is full of the cutest little characters.

inspired6sm inspired7sm


One of the things I admire most about Kenzie is how fearlessly she loves. Whether it’s the people around her or her newest hobby, she is completely prepared for joy. My challenge as a parent is to help her guard her heart, and yet somehow she teaches me more every day about opening mine up.


inspired9sm inspired4sm

One of the most valuable lessons I learned from my recent health issues is not to wait. I want my loved ones to know they are treasured because I have clearly said and shown it is so. I think this journal is a step in the right direction. :)