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As we get back to our normal work and school routine around here, I thought I would share one last holiday-themed project. If there was such a thing as Paper Craft Engineering 101, this would be the final exam. The 4″-square box, lid, and double layer of pockets inside are made from four single sheets of cardstock, scored, cut, and folded to form the structure and its contents.


When you remove the lid and unfold the box, it transforms into four pairs of pockets. Each pocket holds a decorated, removable tag. The center forms the perfect hideaway for a miniature winter scene made from paper and gel medium.


I made the gift box around this time last year; it was a promise to the recipient to pray for the items listed on the tags: peace, love, wisdom, faith, joy, mercy, hope, and patience. (I certainly needed and received all eight myself in 2011.)


The template measurements for the gift box came from Outstanding Mini Albums: 50 Ideas for Creating Mini Scrapbooks by Jessica Acs. The rest of the projects featured in the book are more traditional scrapbooks, and this could easily be used as a keepsake album with pictures on the tags. It would make a fantastic birthday gift or present for new parents. You could also use the tags to record words of advice for newlyweds or wishes for a graduate.


Projects like this one take time, but I value the focus and solitude of those hours. This is definitely one of those crafts where being a member of the Cut-and-Paste Club comes in handy, but don’t worry — even if you haven’t renewed your membership since kindergarten, the club officially welcomes you back with open arms. Go get your scissors, I’ll wait here. :)


(Memory Makers: 2009; ISBN 159963032X)