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With a bad cold making the rounds in our house, my family has been in need of comfort and cheer. For my husband, I made amberjack poached in red curry and coconut milk, full of ginger and chili, then we settled in for a marathon of the original Star Wars trilogy. (first theater release version, thank you very much — I’ll have none of that CGI-rendered Jabba the Hut ;)

Spoiling my teenage son/confirmed chocoholic is just a matter of baking the fudgiest recipe I can find and tucking him in with a big fleece blanket still warm from the dryer. For my daughter, it’s a cup of Sleepytime tea with honey and plenty of lemon, and some sort of little artsy gift to make her smile, like this blooming flower card.


The inner flower is the same size as the base, but the petals are carefully folded and each one tucked under the next to create a cute pop-up effect. I glued two sheets of printed paper back-to-back to get the patterns I wanted, but you could save time by using double-sided cardstock. I like that peek of the inner message as it opens.


The template for this charming little bloom comes from one of my favorite papercrafting books, Papercrafting in No Time by Clare Youngs. There are fifty creative, appealing projects in the book, and while “in No Time” is a bit of a stretch for some of the more complex pieces, they are worth the effort. You’re certainly not limited to the included instructions either — I have re-purposed several templates to create a whole new set of paper art. Definitely on the Cut-and-Paste Club reading list. :)