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I always listen to music while I’m making art in my studio, and the two go hand-in-hand for me. My music tastes are varied, but right now, I’ve got the album Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars on repeat. This little paper fella danced right out of it all a few nights ago.

The template for the birdhouse comes from one of my favorite craft books, Papercrafting In No Time by Clare Youngs. The birdhouse is small, standing about two inches high, and it’s made of a cardstock frame with patterned paper pieces layered on top and for the roof.


Part of what I love about this project is the challenge of mixing several patterns into a harmonious whole. The tiny bird, named Barton of course, is made from a third type of patterned paper, a sprightly, pale blue paisley. This little guy and his humble abode took an enjoyable hour start to finish, not bad for such a charming companion. :)