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With three close friends all celebrating birthdays this past Sunday, my studio time has been centered around coming up with creative gift ideas. For this one, I used the “more is more” approach, with a little bit of “tiny = cute” thrown in. There is just something inherently exciting about being handed a pile of small, brightly colored paper packages.

These pinch pockets are made of double-sided cardstock in a variety of vibrant patterns. The shape is reminiscent of packets of sour cream or frozen juice pops, but these contain less perishable presents: a handful of chocolates, all-natural lip balm, itty-bitty bottles of nail polish, a miniature clock, a baby slinky, and some drink markers in the shape of mustaches. Finding fun items that would fit in a space about two inches square was like a scavenger hunt, and my daughter and I enjoyed searching our favorite stores for tiny treasures.


The pockets are made from small paper rectangles, folded in half and sealed along two edges with double-sided tape. The third edge is pinched closed in the opposite direction to form a triangular pouch, then sealed with a strip of paper tape.

The sky is the limit for these appealing little packages. I think they would make beautiful wedding or baby shower favors, especially folded out of patterned vellum. They are not complicated to make, only requiring a little time and a tool to cut straight lines. I presented mine in a bamboo bowl, but they would be an irresistible, interactive centerpiece piled in a large mason jar or glass vase. A lining of wax paper would also make them ideal containers for bite-size baked goods. (May I suggest Clementine-Scented Vanilla Caramels or Mini Oatmeal Cream Pies?)

All in all, the perfect handmade paper craft: simple, versatile, and ready to make someone’s day more special. :)